broke myself.shattered.tied a bow around every piece.

you'll love the eyes.

18 October
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i love sounds.
i love afi.
i love poker.
i love resident evil.
i love zombies.
i love doing nothing.
i love photography.
i love the perfect setting.

i hate allot.
i hate smog.
i hate people who call others ‘emo’.
i hate it when people can't spell.
i hate people who talk shizz about what i listen to.
i hate how things work.
i hate people who fish for compliments.

i have horrible mood swings.
i am angry a majority of the time.
i rarely brush my hair.
i contradict myself sometimes. it is because i talk out of anger. allot.
i do not find people who have “backup” respectable. do it for yourself.
i am not phased when people call me names. do not over generalize me though. i can be mean, rude, cruel, sad… but it does not mean that is what kind a person i am.
do not call me anything due to what i am caught listening to. my life is not run by the music. if yours is, i think it is sad.